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August 23, 1951
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Mt. Vernon, In., llawkeye-Reeord word that the train would arrive in, and The Lisbon Hera d D----- :Denver at 7 p.m. exactly on ttme. i 13 F Thurs., August 23, 1951 I- e fit had been up to 20 minutes late!  -- earlier in the day. .. ,, .  j The Cal. Zeph. continued to Chi-I Irle 11awgeyo-Meora icago over the Burlington tracksl and The Lisbon Herald i from Denver. As the Burlington i 104 2nd Ave. North, Mount Vernon, Iowadoes not come anywhere near to Official Newspaper Mount Vernon and Linn County The Mount Vernon Hawkeye Founded in 186q by S. H. Bauman The Mount Vernon Remarker Founded in 1593 by Minard Loier The Lisbon Herald Founded in 159 t b# IV. F. Stahl James W. McCutcheon Editor and Publisher Published et Mount Vernon and Lisbon, in Linn County. Iowa every Thursday, Entered ae scond class mail matter at the poet office of Mount Vernon, Iowa, and Lmbon, Iowa. Subscription Rate ONE YEdR, in Linn and adioin- ino counties ...... $2.50 ONE YEAR, outside Linn and ad- ]olnin# counties, but :ithin the state ......... $2.75 ONE YE.4R, outside the state . $3.00 Through Moffat Tunnel To Denver And Home The trip from Denver to Salt Lake City was made in June 1949 over the Royal Gorge route of the Rio Mt. Vernon, we changed to the City i of Denver which left that city at t3:30 p.m. the next day. i My cousin, Pauline Spencer, was lot the Denver depot to meet us lend we went to her apartment for I a visit. , The following morning we visited the Colorado Museum of Natural !History at the City Park to see tbe !splendid exhibits of animals and i plants of North and South America. :It has a vast collection of geological I material and an unusual series of !extinct mammals, The life zone I groups, with panoramic backgrounds 40 feet in length, are unique. They !depict the animal and plant life of ',the West from the deserts to the !highest mountain. IBOARD CITY OF DENVER f i A tera pleasant luncheon at the wedding bells rang out "Happy Days, Happy Days" we almost de- tected a little extra note of "Too bad, gels!" Thought I should check on Van Sickles' martins to see if they had all suddenly vanished by the middle of the month as prophesied. Mrs. V. S. beat me to it, calling to say every last one had departed by the 15th--a kind of "today you see them, tomorrow you don't" routine. And speaking o 5 birds--pardon me for ever griping about a mere 28 of dead ones the cat dragged home. At Long Grove sparrows by the hundreds were battered and drowned in the terrific rainstorm last Wednesday. One woman re- ported they counted 680 dead ones under one tree! (First guy never has a chance anyway.) There's no accounting for tastes! Any circus proves that! Just what l would lure a young woman into making a career of scooting up a rope to hang by her heels high up in the air or flip her body over and i Daniels and Fisher tea room we over 50 times while holding on to I returned to the apartment and de- the rope? i parted for the depot in time to '.board the City of Denver at 3:391 Congratulatious to' Jean Pavelka p.m. for the final leg of the trip!on being chosen attendant to the home. 14-H Achievement Queen at the All-  The City of Denver wastes no time l Iowa Fair Thursday. The corona- fin starting the top speed, overnight ltion ceremony was an impressive appear under water. Two men [ week . . . (August rivals June for Wolfe's corner . . . lr_arj Holmes In contrast -- Mrs. Angeline Wil- NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT Og Mt siphoned gas from a motor bike weddings hereabouts. now of literary fame third with son and Eunice drive team of ponies EXECUTORS i on the roof to use in a one-burnez .... satirical view of same scene, to Decorah and expect to go to Min- No. 21793 ! ,r. a Coleman stove--the only cooking TEN YEARS AGO  nesota, all overland. State of Iowa, Lirm County, as.  the Ind equipment in the hotel. That night Aug. 21, 1941 THIRTY YEARS AGO  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEI,i day. one of the men and a waitress boil-I John Colon jr., Fred Blaine and Aug. 17, 1921 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF that the undersigned have been 0n! Mrs. ed 150 eggs, six. at a time, on the Myrtle Johnston win prizes in U ..... S Bruce Eyestones off for China : EXECUTRIX. this 8th day of Auust , 1951, dalYl one burner: Remote Control golf tourney . . . Dr. Flint sails for Europe . . . Dr. : No. 21821 appointed and qualified as ExeCU': Mary m ers apar 'Gunn Austins Lights reune . . . John Bryant to take over vet prac- State of Iowa, Linn County, ss. tots of the estate of Luella D Burgei 2Ir. a. As the water receded guests left "Town of Taxco" wins prize fortice from Dr. John DeCamp .... NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, late of Linn County Iowa ciecea children by the back door and boat. The Name Lathe in art exhibit at State Seville Gaston ties the wedding knot i that the undersigned has been on ed All persons indebted to said e i bank S bride was carried through the lob- Fair . . . R. P. Ink honored on with Olive Bryant. this 6th day of August, 1951, duly tai'e are requested to make immed'i Clare by and put on a hay rack and tak- birthday, the 21st . . , Dick Busen- Jake Klimo reflects on 25 years ! appointed and qualified as Execu-i late payment thereof to the under'i jor sur en out to the state college. What bark buys Fackler property . . . of service with the C. and N.W.--trix of the estate of Charles R. signed. Those having claims agai Cedar of the bridegroom * You can well! J D Peets celebrate 40th annivers- observes that nothing in the job Keyes late of Linn County Iowa the same will file them. d 1 auth" imagine histhree days of worry ary the 20th. had been more interesting than deceased. All persons indebted to:enticated in the office Of Y Clerki Mr. a and no word' But on the afternoon 1. Eleanor Briggs, Elaine Rieger, La- i people, from the man who demand- ! said estate are requested to make : of Linn County, Iowa, Distridi ed the the bride was rescued she spotted vonne vandeberg compete n Brain ;ed "a bill of !anding. with his!immediate payment thereof to the Court. i as Par him on the street headed for the Iery at State fair.. : we aamg i freight" to the httle lea. WhO cahect undersigned. Those having claims J.C. Davis, Bernadine D. Burg i Mr. a hotel. What tales they can tell oeus ring ou or orame rrmk, day. after day to see if the train i against the same will file them, and Beatrice Burge WilcOl, i lontezu their randchildren I rtose tvtarsneK, ttum lvtessenger, ne nan oraered zrom rew or duly authenticated in the office of !  ...... *-s  in the h "  .....  ..... would.soon be in . . . "Women lose ithe'Clerk of Linn County, Iowa, Clewell & Cooney Attorneys " Mr. a SlUr & V I1 A /' Ig IA/ U I kit XeLK etUU everyming," JoKe co m ment ea, ', District Court i ,;, la 9  1951 Lisbon v e=t .  = . , vv n c I Aug. 20, 1931 "pocketbooks and packages They:, ...... " ............ "" ............ i in the ............ [ Polly Neal named Linn Co. health !climb on the wrong trains. They ;   A,rt ..rxr.., rxecurtx i - -- I um, x, lu 1  WotIe Acorney ...... [champ . . . Dale Johnson buys i ask silly questions. But the best " " " - ""---9 ..... [lt"ll' .h Wg, l n" g]i liana H ug. z, lv I Lowe's hardware . . . Wes Brosh i is the one on the observation plat- Aug. v-tt-.-19o ........ , " " '' '" " ""! Miss "Bull' Herring lands in Honolulu!and Lillian Crofutt trade houses... !form who asked the porter, 'Which i SUnday enroute to Japan and Korea . . .iStart digging well at Lower Pallway is the dining car?' " . ...................... ..,.. ............... ,......,, Parents, Wagging tails are saying "thank and excavating cellar for new house ' 0t at Sewa you" to water superintendent Me- for Charlie Meyers at Pal . . . A1-i FORTY-FIVE YEARS AGO ,/ ' Ilnay for cupping a hole in the new bertina Slach-Leonard Henik, Opal! Aug. 21, 1906  m " Oyg--  6g/K'V l't''affH5 ' 'I cement near the Second Ave. Walton-Allan Thompson, Rubyei Autoes go thru Mt. Vernon mak- . ', drinking fountain so that thirsty Caraway-Earl Selma all middle-aim- ing record run from New York to dogs may be served . . . Light- ing. I Cedar Rapids in four days by travel- Peterson cars collide at Linebach Cornell Art Colony has fine show iing night and day. Leave C.R. at corner south of Lisbon . . . Paul --Grace Kegley winning second*,6:45 a.m. and travel the 78 miles to , McKeen on crutches after "tapping" with view of Main Street from Dr. 'Marshalltown by 11:15. toes with 250 lb. steel bench at Man .... Harold Barges buy !mnmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmnUunmmlnmnl%smnn  " -------- ---- ---- ------ ---- -- Zowa Wolfe house on north Second Ave. n S ........ +h aivino mineral ', married male member was hired for I prlngs pour n , , . i . :....o +.. ..,la' arrest warm the staff and probably the most de- . +o ,,, nlr  " mint el Hatmg news we received was that ............ : ............ ....... ,._- .... wzm  po i i Ill II IIi I, ....... :' Consistent warmth of the.water per- ' he had. tied .the ;knot ..... just before nits year-around swimming, scnoot openea anu oetore ne naa i A second west bound Zephyr was I had a chance to look us over! As COMPLETE met at Glenwood, the first having been met on the previous after- ! noon in eastern California. I HOME FOR SALE GLENWOODCANYON t 5 E RV I C E Fortunately the sun was under i New 3 bedroom bungalow clouds as the train entered Glen-I located at /02-2nd St. W. wood Canyon for a stretch of as l pretty mountain scenery as you! Ready to move in. Oil heat. Grande. The California Zephyr op-irun to Chicago. It maintains one i one, with almost 30 girls carrying erates over the Me(fat Tunnel route, lot the fastest schedules of a modern i the clover chain to outline the making the entire trip from Salt !streamliner. As it became dark  queen's court. Somehow the whole Polio hits Devan Morgan, Dar- n Lake City to Denver by daylight, ii flashes of lightning crossed, the sky. 4-H .... program seems truly American i r-ll Jordan, Bessie Koutnv, of Eyl . ,- The mountain scenery on this iOnly when the tram would stopiwtth its emphasis on homemakmglBobby Caraway of Lisbon Frost CE-MAR ACRES , ride ls probably the equal of icould thunder be heard. The run- I and family life--the real backbone 1 on Aug 20th Dorothy Biderman  1 anything that can be seen from i ning speed of the train was reduced of peace. Question of the evening'lan d Merced-s "'al,:,, briao - th, ._ ' on Morion Boulevard a standard gauge railroad line '  "] .... a ......... l eonslderably. The next morning we After Queen Carol Jordan of Mar-  ,--- ._ I in the U.S. The scenery is not were an hour and 20 minutes late. i ion and her court were presented to [ I I l1 '==-" CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA 1 neeesrlly better tln that of The porter said it was raining so the crowd why were they then " other railroads. It Is ju" that ihard the engineer could not see quietly tucked away in the box STOCK CAR RACES ' there is more of it. This rail- i the track ahead so he slowed down.  ivay at the end? 1 road line goes through the Rock- ! Instead of getting up a little after ] lea while most of the others go 14 a.m. as planned we delayed it tel Among the interesting stories tel- 1 around them as much as pea- ]make up for the time the train was  lowing the Kansas floods is that of 1 a newly wedded pair, the wife II gible, i late. Lloyd LeGrand was on hand ' Castle Gate is a frequently pic- at Cedar Rapids to meet us and take  among the 180 people marooned at tured spot on this line where the lus home. On turning into the drive-!a hotel in Manhattan, the bride- .h EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT Price river has carved a narrowlway at home we saw the car of I groom out at Fort Riley. The after- VITA-SK'; ': " festTng 1 passageway thru solid gray sand-[Dr, and Mrs. Gillin who had come i noon of July llth the water began yet ahnA :':'-,reol stone. The portals resemble a gate- i down the evening before to surprise  creeping in the lobby. By six p.m. I way. Price-Helper is the center of lus. Lloyd knew all the time theY!the first floor was evacuated. Elec- the richest coal mining region ofiwer e here but didn't say a word. '.tricity and gas went off. TIME TRIALS 7:00 P.M. RACES 8:15 P.M. I the west. Workable deposits are I Everyone was delighted to get i, n said to be virtually inexhaustible..home. There is nothing like thai The next morning fruit, cereal, Soon the train left the mountains !old friends, the home you are used milk and crackers were on tables Admission: $1.04 plus 21 tax and rolled across the Utah desert to the home cooked food and the l in the upstairs halls for guests to Children under 12 Free toward Colorado. At Westwater the simplicity of life in Mt. Vernon as help themselves. As the hotel Colorado river is glimpsed for the ieomnared to the heavily populated i guests ate they could see store win- first time on its way to Hoover Dam. i areas. In the next 238 miles between West- ', I certainly came home this time I dows across the street breaking in VITA-SKIM has mote heelt For the most thrilling races and the most spectacular and soon clothing, cooking utensils, inefih then regular upsets always attend Ca-Mar Acres Races sanctioned by r nd Granb Cole the river is with a renter wate a y, ., " . i g appreciation of the ltables, musical instruments and re- whol m?tk! seen in its dramatic development i many advantages we have here and i frigerators floated out the holes and  ..... , The Championship Stock Car Racing Association. from a small mountain stream to a a conviction that I would not want i away on the swift current. mighty river, to change places with many of the I  At Grand Junction and Palisade, I people in California.  Lunch included crackers, cheese Colo., many peach orchards were I land beverage. Telephones were out. passed. Peaches from here are ship- Might M ti i The guests watched that afternoon ped to Mt, Vernon and Lisbon every en On . , "i from the roof, and the bride saw her [y tlnod Io Fitted carryingSUmmer" onAtexperimentalRifle a pilOtworkPlantforliS! By Florence Hoidahl lear in the parking lot slowly dis- : caljOrderfmm63211ow-mtYforewVlTA'SKIMhome * del. .. extracting the oil from shale on the See that Lisbon's new man teach- I Midland lrm Management Co. . ........... s.._, surrounding cliffs which have a'er in the elementary departmentl 612dg., (I Os' "IIOR B= =:" Pro high oil content. !has joined the ranks of the bene- I L l J Remembering the experience of idicts. Trust the new one hired for . . '. 3 '  :, : the previous day when all seats in iMt. Vernon will stay single at least ;: .......   the dome were taken in the Feather i till he gets here. i River Canyon, I went to the dome i Perhaps time-s--have changed but i before reaching Glenwood Springs,, ::t:dSts I :t :;12: a pleasure and health resort in the I in my day it was real exciting to i heart of the Rockies. Yampah Hot i latles of the faculty when an un- [ .  laOOKnli 1 . , Cedar Rapi&k: Iowa / to beautify your lawn. A beautiful, sparkl;ng / S'ai. LAWN costs no more than the ordinary kind. Here is oil you do: / I 1 Apply Scotts 4-XD to dispose of broad- / [ leaved weeds. / , t / If Crabgrass is preach, wai 2 or 3 / days, then apply SCUTL to stop further / growth. Repeat SCUTL in a week. / i 3 If weather is dry and lawn cannot be watered, delay further treatment until otter a soaking rain. i 1 \\;\ 41 Apply TURF BUILDER lawn food. 6 ? 8 S l 9 l0 il lZ 13 14 IS Seed sparingly-you need so 8 17 18 \\; little when you use Scotts. Autumn is also the best time to build a NEW LAWN. 'e2 LAWN SEED Economlcol-3.000,000 seeds pet pound so you need sow only a third as much os ordinary seed to get a permanent lawn. I lb. $I.55 5 Ibs - $7.65 TURg $1/IlOEg Autumn feeding restores sparkling color and vigorous heqith to lawns. Turf Builder feeds grass better for less. Use only 1 Ib to 100 sg ft. 25 Ibs feeds 2500 sq ft. $2.50 100 Ibm, 10,000 sq ft. $7.85 SCUTL Crabgrass Control- Late summer - early fall is the ideal time 79 $ 1.95 $5.85 . 4-XDellmlnates Plantain, Dandelions o ,, 49c $15 $4.85 ,,',, ,,, ,.,, .. . .' Heasty's Drug Store Mr. Vernon, Iowa Dial 4512 * 6 o eoe o o eeo  o(Joe 4oo Deee e eo eel*eo oo     ee could ask for. There is no better i place from which to enjoy it than I a seat in the vista dome, especially! when the sun is under a cloud.  The radio speaker in the front of: the car was carrying a play by play report o f the Cubs-Philadelphia game at Chicago. How is that for complete comfort? Relax in a com- fortable seat. drink in the marvelous scenery of the color-splaashed, can- yon with a baseball game thrown in extra, in case you need any- thing more! Each turn of the canyon brings a new and different serie of formations which only ttme and the elementa can produce. Sheer walls of red reek rime ha rugged grandeur on both sides, blanketed ha numerous places by maay evergreens. RIRTHFI,ACE OF VISTA DOMES It was while riding through Glen- wood Canyon in the cab of a Rio Grande diesel that a General Motors vice president, C. R. Osborn, got the idea for a vista dome. He realized how much the passengers would like the view he had from the cab and proceeded to do something about it. Midway through the can- yon a monument was seen on the other side of the narrow Colorado river erected near the spot where Mr. Osborn had the idea. It con- tains a replica of a vista dome carl on top of an archwa)/. A highway follows the other side of the river i through the canyon and the menu-I ment has been built along the high- I way. I At Dotsero the Moffat tunnel line ' leaves the Royal Gorge line. The I name comes for the initial point i on the record of a survey in 1885 %0" (dot zeroL The 40 mile line from Dotsero to Orestod, (Dotsero spelled back- wards), was built in 1934 to connect the Moffat line with the D. and R.G., after the Moffat tunnel was built. It passes through Red Canyon between these points. Until the Moffat tunnel was built in 1928 the Rio Grande trains had to cross the Rockies at 11,686 feet by way of Corona Pass, which was closed during the winter and was a costly and slow operation at any time, Trains such as the CI. Zeph. weren't even thought of then. After the 6.2 mile tunnel was opened and the Dotsero cut-off built, Denver was on a trans-continental railroad. We left the dome while traveling through some of the broad valleys enroute to the tunnel and came back again to watch for the tunnel as the train approached the snow covered peaks. Finally the west portal came into view. The auto highway from Grand Lake via Gran- by to Berthoud Pass goes right near the west portal. THROUGH MOFFAT TUNNEL Into the darkness of the tunnel plunges the train and the lights in! the dome are switched on in a few i seconds. Although about 10 minutes it seemed like an eternity before i light looms ahead as the train comes i out on the east side of the Rockies i at East Portal. Snow was seen here close to the tracks. I At the center of tle tunnel i the traln was 9239 feet above i sea level and there were still 4021 feet of mounta&n above it. It is a downhill run from East Portal to Denver. After some more mountain scenery the tram reaches the foothills and heads for Denver. Over the public address system came Will carry good FHA loan. Call us for appointment to show. Paul White. Taft & Wagner & Co. Phone 8144 Cedar Rapids, la. Ability and Sincerity should be considered when' you select a Funeral Director. Johnston & Morgan's Funeral Home "19or the stor 9 on Miles-No and changed to New Conoco S Motor Oil" "Believe me, this '50,000 Miles-- No Wear' story is all you say it is,'" writes Harry W. Brown, Garage Man, Oskaloosa, Kansas. "With cars using Conoco Sul--I find engines cleaner, easier to work on, a " and show less we r. MINE OPERATOR ".50,,000 AVl//e$-No ffear/"Fmved/te00e : After a punishing 50,000-mile road test, with proper drains and regular care, engines lubricated with new Conoco  Motor Oil showed no wear of any consequence: in fact, an average of less than one one-thou- sandth inch on cylinders and crank- shafts. AND gasoline mileage for the last 5,000 miles was actually 99.77% us good as for the first 5,000! :::::!i.:::!.:[.:?:::::i::': :: i ?! i ii :i::'. : :: :::. iiiiiiii REDDY KILOWATT SALUTES i All Who Have Aided in the Electrification of Iowa's Farms ! BACK IN 1908 EtECTRICITY FIRST REACHED AN IOWA FARM The first rural llne on record in 1owe wos built from Clorinda to the J. R. Lee form in 1908. It wos o single conductor, iron wire line. W. N. Jock- son, who built the line, suspended the wire from trees wherever possible. , , ,ODAY we salute the pie-' [[ll ners of rural electrifica- [ll tion in Iowa: The corn- IJLII mittee on the Relation I II of Electricity to .Agri- culture, which included represent- atives from the American Farm Bureau and the National Grange; Iowa State College, which, from the early days of rural electrifica- tion, has worked ceaselessly to ad- once better farming methods with Iowa State "Cole, estal-" lished a national precedent in farm utilization of electric power with the historic experimental project on the Garner farm lines in the 1920's; and the REA-financed rural electric cooperatives which, since 1935, have played a vital role in advancing the farm electrifica- tion program in Iowa. These are the pioneers.., the men of vision who foresaw better farming and ELECTRIC SERVIcE IS NOW AVAILABLE TO MOST IOWA FARMS Now 96% of Iowa forms hove central station electric service. The week of August 26 is set aside to honor oil those who contributed to this great proiect.., including form groups, the REAp investor-owned utilities an equipment mfgrs. As soon as the first crude lines were built to a handful of farms, a vast number of men from all of these groups joined together to lead the way toward complete rural e'ectrL- fication in Iowa. As power lines were pushed ever farther to bring the miracle of electricity to an ever-growing number of far,ns, other pioneers were working to develop new uses for electricity for more profitable farming and "After using many advertised through electricity; Pioneers of the better living with the wonderful brands, we have standardized on 1 more corn;--treble farm living. investor-owned electric companies ....... Conoco Suit," writes Sherman L. ia t8 a [ help oz emccrtc power Snyder, Mine Operator, Helena, HVV' Dql/I'Y who started carrying electric pew- " Mont. "We find that we get better |L er to their first farm customers The pioneering ob demanded t,'_ ( r mileage, and operating costs on our Y o.s.,.BU.O,S "" BEST OIL COMPAN Dck Carbee, Truck Operator W.E. Kohl, Truck Operator I@WA ELECTRIC Li@IIT " POWER , On sale at the following places  Ostorgaard Motor Soles, Mt. Verncm Buresh Implement Co., Mt. Vernon Zimmer Garage, Lisbon Sutliff Generator Service, Lisbon ---'--r'7 ' Young, .... *ohanlcsvllle Marshall " "